Old Town Fitness

NASM Certified Personal Training
with Specializations in Corrective Exercise and
Behavioral Therapy

Get STRONG without getting hurt.


Old Town Fitness

NASM Certified Personal Training with Specializations in Corrective Exercise and Behavioral Therapy


Get strong without getting hurt.


Lael Jones has been a certified fitness instructor since 1987. She earned her first certification to teach aerobics classes on her 18th birthday in 1987 in Kona, Hawaii. There she taught fitness classes while raising her four (awesome, amazing) boys. Step Aerobics, Spin, Bootcamp, Senior Fitness, and more- for over 20 years. She became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2009 and dove into one on-one-training. The National Academy of Sports Medicine's (NASM) high standards inspired Lael to open her own personal training studio in Old Town Tacoma, February 2011. She wanted to provide a private, professional setting to offer clients the highest level of safe and effective training. She has since gone on to earn specializations in Corrective Exercise, Behavioral therapy, Nutrition and Reactive training.

Greatest happiness- first family, then helping people become stronger- and that moment when a client says their back, knee, hip, shoulder or neck has stopped hurting as a result of core training.

Personal Training

One on one personal training with a NASM certified personal trainer. Specializing in proper technique to maximize results and minimize injury to ligaments, joints and tendons.

Buddy Training

Have a friend you’d like to workout with? Need motivation? Well look no further,  Old Town Fitness buddy training to the rescue! Sign up with a friend to combine camaraderie with accountability.

Composition Analysis

What are you made of? Body weight matters…but it doesn’t tell the whole story. With a body composition analysis, we can identify your personal needs to help you become healthier and accomplish your weight loss goals.


When I started seeing Lael a couple of years ago, I was scrawny, stooped, and had too many aches and pains for a guy my age. Lael has improved my form, muscle mass, posture, and overall health and well-being. She pushes her clients hard, but never harder than the client can handle. She is exceptionally talented and professional — and her results are worth it.


Lael Jones trainer/owner of Old Town Fitness Studio is the type of person who is naturally motivating, inspiring, and uplifting to be around.  She’s highly involved in not only personal resistance training, but lives a healthy and very active lifestyle which rubs off onto her clients.  Her studio gym is always very clean and the small environment is comfortable for people such as myself that are a bit uneasy in large crowded gyms. She’s very focused on safety and proper form with every exercise.  She’s not afraid to jump in and show you the proper and most beneficial way to perform any exercise.


After years of declining bone density & medication changes for osteoporosis, I decided to add weight resistance training with Lael in an effort to slow the progression. Lael has a unique ability to tailor a workout to an individuals personal needs. I have achieved improvement in bone density, & have gained in muscle & core strength. Lael has helped me reach & even exceed my goal - safely. Thank you Lael!


This girl is amazing! I feel so fortunate to have found her! She is literally re-training my fitness brain and body. I am basically starting from scratch and could not be more grateful to get fit the right way! Lael takes the time to watch every move and make sure my body is positioned correctly. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I feel confident and safe... which makes my will to get strong and succeed that much more driven!


Lael took my fitness and confidence to the next level with her intelligent, holistic and fun approach to weight training.


Lael makes me feel strong inside and out. She not only helps me build muscle but gives me nutrition guidance and the encouragement I need to be healthy. I feel like a million bucks when I leave her studio.


Personal Training Packages
One-on-one personal training

4 sessions - $280*
$70 a session

8 sessions - $520*
Save $5 a session

12 sessions - $720*
Save $10 a session

Buddy Training Packages
Train with a friend!

4 sessions - $360*
$90 a session

8 sessions - $680*
Save $5 a session

12 sessions - $960
Save $10 a session

*Subject to 10.1% tax

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